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Judkins Solicitors have extensive experience in representing clients who have suffered limb loss as a result of traffic accidents, railway accidents, accidents at work and / or injury arising from medical negligence of medical health professionals.

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Judkins Solicitors are panel members for the Limbless Association and also manage the Limbcare Legal Helpline for Limbcare both registered charities committed solely to advancing the interests of amputees in the UK.

Judkins Solicitors work with both charities to provide a unique legal and support package to an amputee (and their family) before and after an amputation. Over the last few years there have been enormous developments in prosthetics.

It is very important that an amputee is guided so he / she may consider the appropriate prosthetic that best suits him / her.

The costings for the provision of these for their life are considerable and must be included in their claim for special damages.

The amputee may require special prosthetics for example to use when cycling, running or swimming and their needs may also change with time.

A successful claimant can expect to recover compensation for General damages awarded for pain and suffering caused and then additional compensation for Special damages which is compensation awarded for the financial losses suffered past, present and future including loss of earning, costs of future care, costs of adaptions to home, counselling, nursing and for the provision for prosthetics.

If requested, Judkins Solicitors are happy to attend a potential client on a without obligation basis in hospital or at home for an initial consultation.

With the consent of the client, Judkins Solicitors, your limb loss attorney will discuss the potential claim with family members if the injured party is too traumatised as it is a very important to obtain advice at any early stage so that evidence can be preserved.

Funding for severe injury claims can be on a private client basis or a Conditional Fee Agreement (“CFA”) often referred to as a ‘no win, no fee’ whereby the solicitor will only get paid if the claim is successful. No upfront costs will need to be found other than disbursements such as expert reports and court fees.

Conditional Fee Agreements in personal injury claims are often backed by ‘after the event’ insurance (“ATE”) which provides legal costs insurance to the Claimant if they were unsuccessful in their claim or refused and unreasonable offer to settle until the Court later found (at trial) to be a reasonable one (Part 36 offers).

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