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Some people find it difficult to get round to making a Will but it can be less painless than one might think.

In the unlikely event that something might happen to us sooner than we think it does give piece of mind to everyone involved to know that our affairs are taken care of.

A Will doesn’t have to be complicated and can be drafted in way that it deals with our assets as a whole and so that it doesn’t continually have to be updated.

If you have children it is especially important to have provision in place including Guardians in the event that your partner is also killed in the same accident – all very unlikely but possible nevertheless.

You might also wish to consider appointing Judkins as co-executors so that we may help the executor in the many tasks involved.

We would also attend you at your home and/or nursing home of your relative if required.

A Power of Attorney is an important process whereby one person by way of a legal document gives power to another to administer their financial affairs and property in the event that they later become incapacitated.

This can also include personal welfare matters/decisions as well as give directions and/or restrictions to your attorney on how they should manage your affairs in the event you do become incapacitated. You can have more than one Attorney and can direct that they can act either on their own or only in unison.

Once completed the Lasting Power of Attorney is registered with the Office of the Public Guardian who keep a record of registrations so that if it later happens you become mentality incapacitated.

Whereupon the Power of Attorney immediately becomes live and your appointed Attorneys can act in your best interests by using the Power of Attorney to manage your affairs.

A Power of Attorney is becoming increasingly more common now days as it is an important safeguard that can be put in place and is often most sensible to consider when you are reviewing your Will.

It is worth noting that if a Power of Attorney has not been entered into and it later becomes the position that you lose your mental capacity it is not then possible to enter into a Power of Attorney.

Instead immediate friends/family of the person who has lost capacity have to apply to the Court of Protection for a Deputy to be appointed. This is a much more expensive and time consuming route to have to take.

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