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    When you make an enquiry for this type of work we are conscious that it is a difficult time and we will do everything that we can to give you the help and support that you may require to include:

    1. Obtaining a grant
    2. Administrating the estate
    3. Dealing with Inheritance tax and applying reliefs


    Time-based rates

    Our private client rates are £345 per hour (solicitor) , £195 (legal executive) and £150 per hour (trainee solicitor) plus VAT and are reviewed on 1st January each year. If we work on a time basis we charge in six-minute units, with all standard letters, emails and telephone calls charged at one unit (£34.50 , £19.50 or £15.00 plus vat) non-standard (including preparation/drafting documents, attendances) are timed.


    Fixed Fee Rates

    Alternatively, we can offer a fixed fee which maybe calculated as a percentage of the gross estate. This percentage will depend on the nature, value and complexity of the estate and will range from 1% to 2.5% plus VAT with a minimum fixed fee of £1,800 plus VAT. Please call us on 01992 500456 to discuss with a member of the team.



    Disbursements must be paid for before they are incurred and are likely to include:

    1. Probate fee – £155.00
    2. Office copy entries of the Grant of Probate – £1.50 per copy
    3. Share Valuation (if required) – £50.00 + VAT
    4. Landmark Financial Asset Search (if required) – £162.50 + VAT
    5. Will Search (if required) – £45.60 – £238.80

    Please note the Landmark Financial Asset searches cover the following:

    • Experian Unclaimed Assets Register
    • Experian CAIS data
    • Personal Pensions
    • Life Policies
    • Occupational Pensions via DWP (if requested at the point of order)
    • Unit Trusts & Investment Trusts
    • Investment Bonds
    • National Savings & Investments
    • Building Society & Bank – Dormant Accounts
    • FTSE100 Shares registered with the three share registrars: Capita, Computershare & Equiniti
    • Wills registered with the Certainty National Wills Register

    Please note there are 3 different types of will search: (all prices are plus VAT)

    • The Will register search costs £45.60 checks to see if a Will has been registered with Certainty the National Will Register, which currently sits at over 8.4 million records.
    • A Will Search Combined costs £114.00 and performs three key searches to look for Wills that have been registered and for Wills that have not been registered.
    • A Will Search Protect costs £238.80 and is a convenient way to carry out other associated items that may be required when distributing an estate. It performs a Will Search Combined, places a Section 27 Notice and obtains a quote for Missing Will/Trustee Indemnity Insurance should it be required.

    Work we carry out

    1. Notifying ‘Tell us once’ service of deceased’s death and confirming that Judkins are acting in the administration of the estate.

    This will notify governmental organisations as applicable such as: DWP, HMRC, Disabled Blue Badge, DVLA, Adult Social Care, Library Service, Veterans UK, Social Services, Benefits, Tax and Credits, as well as the respective Local Authority.

    It will also mean that the deceased’s property / personal representatives will not be inundated with letters.

    Be sure to tell us your ‘Tell us once’ reference number!

    2. Carrying out a will search in order to determine whether the deceased did indeed leave a will and to safeguard against any potential claims from future beneficiaries. This may be an option if you think a will has been made.

    3. Carrying out an asset search in order to determine any assets held by the deceased not previously known. This may be an option if you think the deceased has other additional assets.

    4. Working with you to prepare a schedule of the deceased’s assets. Contacting the various organisations as applicable – (banks, life insurance, investment companies etc).

    5. Preparing the necessary inheritance tax forms to submit to HMRC for a clearance certificate.

    Please note inheritance tax only applies if the value of the deceased’s estate (property and any other assets added together) exceeds £325,000 (The Nil Rate Band). This Nil Rate band can be as high as £1 million depending on the IHT exemptions claimed.

    6. Once a clearance certificate has been issued by HMRC (as a result of 5), submitting the application for the grant of probate with statement of truth form (where the deceased has left no will).

    7. Obtaining the grant of probate – at this point, bank accounts, etc, can then be encashed and paid into our probate account.

    8. Administering the Deceased estate to include:

    • Settling all liabilities and liaising with organisations such as council tax, DWP, HMRC as necessary.
    • Drafting formal estate accounts for your approval.
    • Distribution of beneficial entitlements / gifts under the will.

    Please call us and we will be pleased to discuss your matter and answer any queries you might have.

    If there are any disputes relating to the estate and/or the Deceased will, please call our Contentious Probate department on 01992 500456 or email and we can assess and offer preliminary advice on how best to proceed.


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