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    Suffering a severe injury can totally disrupt someone’s life. Not to mention the lives of those close to them. A severe physical injury can be life-changing and very difficult to get life back on track.

    When does the dramatic change of life, and the adjustment settle of the new, different life becoming the new normal?

    It can take a long time.

    The first part of the healing process and just making life a little easier can be financial through compensation and claims. The financial losses following a severe personal injury can be one of the most traumatic and difficult things to over-come. How do you get your finances on track. What if it is the main bread winner who has suffered with the severe personal or physical injury? How does that income get replaced?

    Here at Judkins Solicitors, our experienced personal injury claims lawyers have helped many individuals in Hertford put the necessary in place in order to get back to some balance of life as soon as is feasibly possible.

    Whilst severe injurys can come in all guises, at Judkins Solicitors we are specialists in the loss of limbs. We are involved with both Limbcare and the Limbless Association

    Limbless Association

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